Our story

We’re Jean Zick and Alicia Amaral, the founders of Juna. Entrepreneurship is in our blood; we both come from families that owned small and mid-sized businesses. We’ve lived the challenges and rewards of business ownership, and the importance of sound financial practices, no matter the size of the company.

We founded Juna because we know how difficult it can be for companies to achieve their full financial potential in competitive markets. We’re passionate about helping business owners and management teams be more effective and make decisions with better information and greater confidence.

As CFOs of larger organizations, we both worked with sophisticated systems and teams. Our mission is to bring the sophistication of a large company accounting and finance team to all of our clients.

Our approach

Technical accounting expertise and effective use of digital tools are essential in our work, but just as important is the time we take to fully understand your goals and the drivers of profitability in your industry. We weave all of these elements together to help you chart a path toward growth targets, sale of the business or other key milestones. And we provide this guidance on a flexible outsourced basis that saves you money and eliminates the headaches of hiring and managing personnel.

Why Juna

At Juna, we strive to deliver an experience that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

  • Team approach – Our US-based team delivers the right talent at the right level

  • Flexible – We customize services to your specific needs

  • Innovative Technology – Carefully chosen cloud applications make the process seamless for you and enhance the team’s productivity

  • Experience – We apply what we’ve learned as CFOs, controllers, staff accountants and auditors to your challenges

  • Cost-effective – You only pay for the services you need

  • Scalable – We adapt our services as your company’s growth cycle and transactions require

  • Resources – We collaborate with trusted third-party partners to streamline business functions